Monday, June 15, 2015

The Call

John 1:35-2:12 & Luke 5:1-12

I always thought when Jesus called the 1st disciples, Simon & Andrew, they didn't know him very well. However these verses reveal they were already disciples of John the Baptist, had not only met Jesus before but stayed with Him, and were at the wedding where Jesus turned the water to wine. They already knew about Him and were devoted and active believers. The call when they were fishing though was that of permanence and 100% devotion. They left immediately and left everything they were just waiting for it. What they did before was good, but this was completely different and better. More intense.

It just makes me wonder if ever during their ministry before did they hope for something more significant. Did they ever look at what they were doing, which was in God's plan, and feel like it wasn't enough? Did they long for a greater purpose even while walking in God's path? It makes me think they did since they left so abruptly, like they were just waiting for the call.

These are the ones who got to meet Jesus in the flesh and spend the most time with Him while He walked this earth. They were found doing God's work where they were and were called to something greater. It encourages me to continue doing God's work, no matter how insignificant it seems or when it doesn't feel like I'm making much progress or difference.

Keep working God's plan and be expectant for the greater calling! I pray when it comes we have the faith to immediately leave everything behind and go as they did!