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Isaac and Rebekah

Isaac is left everything when his father Abraham dies and he marries Rebekah, Abraham’s niece. They live by Beer-lahai-roi. Rebekah has a hard time conceiving but finally does. She becomes pregnant with twins, who fight in her womb and she inquires of the Lord about the what is going on in her womb. The Lord responds, “Two nations are in your womb; and two peoples will be separated from your body; and one people shall be stronger than the other; and the older shall serve the younger.” (Gen 25:23) Esau, a hunter and outdoorsman, is the older and Jacob, peaceful and living in tents, the younger. When they were born, Jacob was holding onto Esau’s heel. Isaac favored Esau and Rebekah favored Jacob. At one time, Jacob prepared some stew and when Esau came in from the field he was hungry and ended up selling Jacob his birthright for bread and stew.

A famine came upon the land and God instructed Isaac to move his family to Gerar and he will be blessed. So he does and while he is there he is questioned by Ambelech the king of the Philistines about Rebekah, and he lies about her being his sister (like Abraham). Ambelech finds out and Isaac explains he was afraid he would be killed for his wife since she was so beautiful, and Ambelech instructs no one to touch either one or be put to death. (It is mentioned perhaps this protection was God preserving His chosen seed in my bible commentary)

Isaac was very prosperous in Philistine. He sowed the land and reaped a hundredfold. He became very wealthy and the Philistines envied him and stopped up the wells Abraham had dug by filling them with dirt. Ambelech came to him and told him he had become too powerful and asked him to leave, so he left and camped in the valley of Gerar.

There were wells there also that Abraham had dug and he dug them out again, finding a well of flowing water. The herdsmen of Gerar quarreled with him and moved away and he dug a different well which no one laid claim to. He was excited to finally find a place he belonged and could be fruitful and went up to Beersheba. The Lord appeared to him and promised to bless him and multiply his descendants, so he built an altar to the Lord there and dug another well.

Ambelech and the people see the Lord is with him and make an oath with him that they will be peaceful. The same day Isaac’s servant found yet another well.

Isaac was old and he was ready to give his blessing. He calls Esau and tells him to go kill some game and cook it for him that he might give his blessing to him. Rebekah convinces Jacob to pretend to be Esau and steal the blessing. So Rebekah cooked a meal for Isaac to give to Jacob to take into him. Jacob wore Esau’s garments and put the skins of young goats on his hands and neck to be like the hair on Esau and he went into Isaac and tricked him into blessing him instead of Esau, making him Esau’s master and blessing him with servants and new grain and wine. When Esau found out he wept and his anger burned toward Jacob. Isaac tells him his destiny is to live by the sword, and he will serve his brother until he becomes restless, at which point he will break his yoke from his neck.

Rebekah is scared that Esau will kill Jacob, so she convinces Isaac to send him away by saying he needs to find a wife elsewhere. Isaac blesses Jacob and sends him Paddanaram to take a wife from the daughters of Laban and charges him not to take a Canaanite wife.

Isaac dies at 185 years old and is gathered to his people and buried by both of his sons.

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Abraham (Name - Terah: Father) /Sara 2166 BC

These are rough notes. As I type the others I will try to be more flowing...Brothers are Hahor & Haran - who is the father of Lot. Left Ur with his family and went to Haran (Canaan). God promises Abram that his descendants would inherit the land of Canaan. He went to Egypt with Sarai due to famine and there he lied and said Sarai was his sister. Once Pharaoh found out they were escorted away. He and Sarai went back to the Negev with Lot. The land was not sufficient for them both so they agreeably separated. Lot chose to go to the fertile valley of Jordan (Sodom) and Abram settled in Canaan. The Lord promises innumerable descendants to Abram and again the land of Canaan for them. He then settled in Hebron.
Lot was taken captive in battle and Abram put his men together and they went and got him.The King of Sodom is grateful, but he denies payment from the king for the return of the people and goods.
God promises Abram a son and then again numerous descendants and land (for 3rd time). He tells Abram he will die peaceful and at an old age and tells him of the Israelite captivity in Egypt. Sarai convinces Abram to conceive with her servant Hagar and she bears Ishmael. God again tells Abram his descendant will be many and changes his name to Abraham “Father of Many Nations” Gen 17:5. Makes the covenant of circumcision which symbolizes profoundly deep cleansing and our lineage physically and spiritually to Abraham. Abraham circumcises all of the males in his household, including himself and Ishmael.
God changes name of Sarai to Sarah “Princess”. Promises them a son. They laugh with joy at their old age. The name Isaac means “he laughs”.
The Lord and two men appear to Abraham at his tent and the Lord tells them that this time next year Sarah will have a child. She laughs and the Lord questions her about it. He tells Abraham of the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah and his intent to destroy it. Abraham pleads on the behalf of the righteous there and the Lord agrees to spare them.
Again, Abraham lies to a king and says Sarah is his sister – 25 years after the first time.
Isaac is born to Abraham at 100 years old. Abraham has a great feast when Isaac was weaned and Ishmael mocks it. Sarah has he and Hagar sent away.
Abraham makes covenant with Ambilech, the king to treat them fairly and share the limited water resources. Abraham offers Isaac as a sacrifice and the Lord saved him and provided a ram and again spoke of the covenenant to make Abraham a blessed nation.
Sarah dies at 127 & Abraham buries her in a field and cave he purchased from Ephron, who gladly did sell for the love of Abraham – he would've given it free. It is in Canaan, where the Israelites will go with Moses and faces Mamre where they had previously settled.
Abraham, old in years, sends his servant back to his homeland to find a wife for Isaac to bring to Canaan. He finds Rebekah, Abraham’s niece. Isaac marries her.
Abraham left everything to Isaac. Gave gifts to his half brothers (by his wife after Sarah Keturah) and sent them east so an not to compete with Isaac. He died at 175. Isaac and Ishmael came together to bury him in the cave in the field of Ephron with his wife Sarah.
Gen 25:8 Abraham breathed his last and died in a ripe old age, an old man and satisfied with life; and he was gathered to his people. ~ Great Epitath!

Abraham is mentioned many more times throughout the bible, commended for his faith & we are his seed if we are born again. 

List of People

This is according to list in Matthew and I have added a few dates/facts as I have been reading, I will continue to update if I find more accurate information as I continue to move down the list. Please know I am not 100% correct on all of these dates and it is not complete. I have found them at one place or another and mostly just trying to get a perspective of the approximate timing for myself and some of them may just be the time they reigned if royalty or other significant events they were part of.

I also found it interesting that one commentary suggested the genealogy is divided in 3 sections as grouped below - 14 generations from Abraham to David; 14 from David to the deportation to Babylon; 14 from Babylon to Messiah. There are a few generations skipped in this point of view in Matthew, specifically Ahaziah, Joash & Amaziah, which I listed and can be found in the middle 14, and one that is in between the last two.

- Abraham & Sara - 2166 BC
- Isaac & Rebekah -  2066 BC
- Jacob & Leah - 2006 BC - entered Egypt  when Joseph was in charge of Pharaoh's household
- Judah (Joseph's 1/2 brother) & Tamar - this generation died before the new Pharaoh took over and        oppressed the Jews in Egypt
- Perez
- Hezron - both Perez & Hezron's families were present during the 2nd census of Moses before entry into the promised land
- Ram
- Amminadab
- Nahshon
- Salmon & Rahab - there is debate if this is Rahab the prostitute during Joshua's crusade or another Rahab. I personally think it is the prostitute.
- Boaz & Ruth (the moabite) - 1126-1105 BC during the time of the judges which was approx 1300 BC - 1100 BC
- Obed
- Jesse
- David & Bathsheba - David became king @ 1010 BC

- Solomon - 971 - 931 BC - temple started 966 BC
- Rehoboam - 931 - 913 BC
- Abijah - 913 - 911 BCE
- Asa - 911 - 870 BC
- Jehoshaphat - 873 - 848 BC - during the time of Elijah the prophet
- Joram 853 - 841 BC - durint Elijah & Elisha the prophets
- Ahaziah - 841 BC Elisha the prophet - skipped in Matthew's genealogy
- Joash - 835 - 796 BC Elisha the prophet - skipped in Matthew's genealogy
- Amaziah - 796-767 BC 
- Uzziah - 792 - 740 BC Hosea the prophet
- Jotham - 750 - 732 BC Hosea prophet
- Ahaz - 735 - 716 BC Hosea prophet
- Hezekiah - 716 - 735 BC Isaiah main prophet to Hezekiah but heavy prophecies during this time including Hosea, Jeremiah & Micah as it gets closer to Babylonian captivity
- Manasseh - 697-643 BC Naham added to list of those giving prophecies
- Amon- 643 - 642 BC lots of prophets - Naham, Jeremiah, Zepphaniah, Habakkuk
- Josiah 641 - 609 BC
(Babylonian exile 605 BC; Daniel and Ezekiel the prophets in captivity)

- Jeconiah - 598-597 BC during Babylonian Captivity

- Shoaltiel
- Zerubbabel (possible adopted?? I'm not sure and haven't made it this far yet)
- Abihud
- Eliakim
- Azor
- Zadok
- Achim
- Eliud
- Eleazar
- Matthan
- Jacob
- Joseph & Mary
- Jesus

Genealogy of Jesus

Last year about a month before Christmas I decided I would read through the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew and look up each person to discover the people who lead up to Him. I thought I'd take the whole month and just quickly read through each one to get an overview. I was very naive to say the least to think that I could get through it in a month! So, I'm still reading today and I'm about 2/3 of the way through. I have to admit I haven't been 100% faithful to it, there have been times I just didn't do it or times I did a different study, or whatever other excuse I might have, but I've written in a notebook about each person I've read about and I'm hoping now to get each one typed into a document that I can save/print etc. So I thought I would share what I have read. I'm no theologian but I have found this study very insightful and interesting. I hope whoever reads any of these posts does too and might inspire some to read deeper into some of them.   I will start at the beginning and post as I get it typed. I hope I can be through by this Christmas, but no expectations after last year at this time thinking I'd be done!!